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…helping people find fulfillment in all aspects of life and career


  • "Neil – thank-you ever so much for spending the time with me with open ears and guiding thoughts. You have played a significant role in helping me understand who I am, what I want, and how to get there. Thanks to you I am well on my way to leaving my planned life and living my preferred life."

    GP, Edmonton
  • “I just want to take this time to say thank you so very, very much. Thank you for helping me unearth the treasures that were previously buried. I am profoundly grateful.”

    LN, Edmonton
  • "Your gentle prompting and challenges have helped expose the barriers that had previously been so well hidden in a path full of treasures! I am and will always be so very grateful. Your words are with me on a constant basis….the ones about a human “being” as opposed to a human “doing”. I much prefer the former!"

  • “I really appreciated what you taught me about my ’saboteur’. Thanks for guiding me in that direction. One of the other things you have helped me to do is stay focused on the tasks I need to complete in order to reach my goals.”

  • ”As a coach, you asked great questions and really listened. It was helpful to stay with some thoughts and feelings. The coaching was very effective and it was good to do some work between calls.”

    SR, Edmonton
  • "My first session with Neil was at a time of great upheaval and change in my life and was so useful that I wish I had known about this type of coaching years ago !  His communication style was very open, sensitive and non-judgemental and the questions he posed led to reflection and key learnings about myself and enabled me to be action-oriented in my decision-making.     I’m looking forward to future sessions as they are helpful in establishing goals in all aspects of life including family, career, and health." 

  • "Neil approached the coaching by asking a series of very thought provoking questions - things we should each probably ask ourselves on a regular basis but somehow never do. The questions centered around fulfillment and looking at personal values. This provided an opportunity for me to reflect on what really is meaningful to me and important in my life, and to look at how I can ensure the things I value and that energize me are present in my day-to-day life."

  • "Neil is able to quickly establish a safe and supportive atmosphere in our sessions. He is never judgemental and I feel affirmed as a valued person as I work on issues that challenge me. I appreciate his ability to ask the right questions to help me sort through the complexities, and I am making constructive changes in my life as a result of my sessions with Neil."

    L.S. Edmonton